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Web Development

We offers an entire range of Web application development services to customers marking their inevitable presence in the World Wide Web.

Software Development

We develops software solutions for its clients, giving them advanced technology software online to enable them become one-point solution provider for their own clients.

Mobile Apps

We understand mobile technology, We build mobile applications that enable you to convert mobile customer interactions into revenue opportunities and improve business operations with employee productivity applications.

Logos and brand

Logos and branding schemes are often the first impression businesses give their customers. Your logo and design scheme are shown on everything from business cards, letterhead, envelopes - all the way to your website.

Online Marketing

Our focus is on developing creatives and campaigns that strategically take advantage of the online medium and cut through the clutter, to achieve high impact levels for the target audience.


Publishes new discoveries and novel technologies that advance the application of robotics for assisting humans. Devotes special attention to the integration of robotics with information technology and cognitive science.

Final Year Projects

We provide real time software projects for final year students, who are pursuing their under graduation and master degree. The project training helps them to be industry ready and to make on further challenges as soon as they enter into working mode.

Technical Support

IT integration and optimization can help increase business efficiency and improve profit margins.Feenix Technical Support Services (TSS) can help you maintain higher availability and IT performance with integrated maintenance and 24*7 technical support for multivendor hardware and software solutions.

Training Programming

Taking a course or training program on your own initiative, without being directed to do so by a designated authority, does not automatically result in the loss of regular benefits. Although participation in a course is commendable, you must show that you are available to work while you are attending school.